On this episode, Adam catches up with Rick Elder, CEO of Beyond Clothing, a company that Adam’s had the good fortune of working with for a few years now.

In our opinion they make some of the best technical apparel at the best price you’ll find anywhere and are posed to be a serious player in the hunting community. If you have not tried their gear, you’re missing out.

Adam and Rick spend a bit of time discussing where BEYOND fits in the technical apparel landscape from a brand perspective and then dive into a true master class on what really matters and what really works when it comes to building technical apparel systems that will both keep you alive and keep you in the hunt when things go wrong.

This is a subject that gets a LOT of attention in our space but Rick brings a level of experience and knowledge you simply will not find anywhere else. This is must listen content if you are serious about building the best performing system possible.



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Posted by Nolan Osborne