JOMH field editor Steve Opat returns to host another episode of Beyond the Kill. This time he’s joined by his best friend Brent MIller; a man he holds in high regard as being a true master of his craft. That craft is being a husband and father.

The two buddies discuss “A Hunter’s Guilt”. They aren’t talking about the emotional tug we can feel when we harvest an animal, they are helping us learn about the difficulties of choosing between two things we love. Between family, friends, and a plethora of outdoor interests, it can be hard to know where to be.

Can we take advantage of the nice weather or do we stay in town with the family? Do we want to spend a day with our trusty hunting dog or should we go hunt deer? Can we hunt alone or do we take the kid hunting?!?! How do we choose?!?!

Brent and Steve talk about their experiences with “A hunter’s guilt” and let us know that it’s natural and healthy for us to experience it. In fact, we are lucky that we do. Then they divulge a series of tools they use to navigate it such as: Build a quiver of hunting spots and stands; Know how to fill your cup; Prepare to be all-in when you get home; be honest with your timelines; Be present while you are home; Let your values guide your actions; Most importantly, build a team that can support you and hold you accountable.

Enjoy this episode. If you find that you relate to this topic, please engage with us and share your experiences, tools and ideas. Steve and Brent have a big project in the works to keep educating outdoor mentors and parents. Follow them at @AlaskanOdysseys or



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Posted by Nolan Osborne