Here at the JOMH we’re big fans of Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week fame. His books, blog and podcast have taught us more in the past few years than a lifetime’s worth of formal education could ever hope to achieve.

If you’re a follower of Ferriss and his body of work you’ll know that the whole four hour work week concept is just window dressing for a much deeper thought process. It isn’t about working less per se (unless that’s your goal), it’s about working smarter. As Mr. Ferriss would say, there’s a big difference between being efficient versus being effective. Getting more done isn’t necessarily the answer. Getting the right things done is. His tips, insights and interviews are all about helping you focus on how you can optimize your performance in all aspects of life. No matter how you define performance.

Whether you dream of actually working four hours a week from a lounge chair on the beach or becoming the most effective and productive person in your chosen profession, regardless of the time you spend working each and every day, his numerous resources are invaluable tools in today’s fast paced and often distracting world. And when it comes to achieving health, wealth or simply extracting the most from life, there are few people on the planet that have more to contribute to turning your dreams into reality than Tim Ferriss. And Tools of Titans may be his best work to date.

Want to get fitter or stronger than you ever have before? This book has you covered. Want to make more money this year than you ever thought possible so you can afford that dream hunt? This book will help you reach that goal. Need to manage stress and the demands of your busy life? There are pearls of wisdom in this book that are worth 10X the cover price. Thinking of taking your career or business to the next level? The numerous billionaires in this book have some sage advice on how to do just that with less stress and fewer mistakes. At a transition point in your life and need a no BS guide on how to navigate uncertain waters? There isn’t a better “map” available.

Given it’s the end of the year, many of us will be thinking long and hard about the year behind us and the year before us. And although we’re not necessarily huge believers in the whole resolution thing, we are massive believers in constant assessment and refinement of our actions and decisions. This isn’t possible without some form of reflection, analysis and planning over the months ahead.

There are virtually limitless resources available in the “self-improvement” space, but we’d argue the vast majority of what’s out there is utter garbage, sold and marketed by those that are walking, talking definitions of armchair quarterbacks. In Tools of Titans, Ferriss doesn’t profess to be “the expert” on any one topic BUT he has compiled the routines, tactics, and habits of a mind-boggling number of truly world class performers across a variety of fields. And in this book, these are the kinds of people who have gone out there and got shit done. Often by going against the grain and charting their own path. It’s our kind of book.

We can assure you that no matter what your goals are in 2017, this book will help you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. If there is one book you read this year, make it Tools of Titans.


Posted by JOMH Editor