We’re going to try something a little different in this month’s Mountain Life column. Rather than publish another written piece, we’re going to experiment with a purely audio based article that you can stream or download below.

This idea was born from an email our Editor in Chief, Adam Janke, received from a subscriber shortly after we released Episode 58 of the Beyond the Kill podcast. The subscriber that sent the email posed some very thoughtful, candid, and challenging questions that were simply too important to not address in a more public fashion.

If you have not listened to Episode 58 of the podcast or have not read A Jihad by Any Other Name, an article we published over two years ago, it would be best to go back and get up to speed before listening to this audio article.

A big thanks to Pete J. for having the guts to ask some pointed questions and taking the time to write in with his concerns. We hope you enjoy this experimental format!


Posted by JOMH Editor