In today’s world of social media, on demand video and podcasts, there is no shortage of content catered to the hunter. Due to the sheer volume of information and entertainment being produced these days, it can be easy to get stuck in information overload. How do you find the time to read, listen or watch everything that you might want to? The paradox of choice may be a first world problem but it’s real nonetheless.

Over the past few years, I have been devouring as much of this content as humanly possible and thankfully have found a few “go-to” platforms that I know I can depend on when I’m looking for specific material on a specific subject. So, in an attempt to make finding valuable and informative digital content a little easier for someone that isn’t as obsessed as I am, I have compiled a list of the YouTube channels and specific podcast episodes that I’ve found helpful in my search to improve my hunting abilities. Whether it’s tactics, locations, photography, training or entertainment, you’ll find something to suit your needs below.  

YouTube Channels:

  • Nock On Archery - I use this channel to learn just about everything that goes with tuning and working on your own bow. John Dudley is an amazing coach and makes learning easy.
  • MTNSTRONG – MTNSTRONG provides great tutorials on exercises and workouts that will help you train indoors so you can succeed in the mountains.
  • Steven Drake - Steven’s VLOGS are extremely helpful to the hunter who wants to capture their adventures through the lens of a camera. He does this in a series of short videos.
  • Randy Newberg, Hunter – Randy has really pushed the limits of the YouTube space as of late. His channel has everything ranging from entertaining hunts to instructional videos on just about every hunting related topic. Whether you want to see what the inside of Randy’s truck looks like in hunting season or learn how to e-scout new public land areas using OnX Hunt Maps, he has valuable content for the mountain hunter.
  • Born and Raised Outdoors – If you love elk hunting, and haven’t checked out BRO’s Land of the Free project on their channel, you’re missing out! Make sure that you block off some time in your schedule because they can be addictive!


I hope that these digital media sources will be as valuable and worth your time as they were for me. If you like these YouTube channels and podcasts, or have any great resources that you discovered, please send us your feedback!

Posted by Adam Janke