If I bought last year’s print edition, am I already subscribed?
No. We did not have a subscription option available last year so, if you want to receive Issue 2 and beyond, you need to go through the new sign-up process. Once that’s done, you will be officially subscribed and won’t need to do anything else from that point forward.

What if I’m not sure about subscribing for every single upcoming issue? Can I just buy Issue 2 and make sure I’m happy with the purchase?
Absolutely. But, the process is the same as subscribing. You can cancel your subscription at any point so if you order Issue 2, get it, read it, and don’t want to receive the next issue, just cancel your subscription. That said, we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

What if I want to order the Premier Issue and subscribe to Issue 2 and beyond, do I pay separate shipping?
At this stage, unfortunately yes. Each print edition weighs close to 2 pounds…this is not your average magazine. But, due to this, shipping/postage is not as simple as stuffing both issues into the same package. Which leads to…

When I purchased my print edition last year, it arrived in rough shape. Have you changed your packaging?
Yes! This was one of the common problems we ran into with the Premier Issue and an improvement we have been focused on ever since. This year, all print editions will be shipped in a custom, protective cardboard sleeve like what you’d get when you order a book from Amazon. No more torn covers, bent corners or beaten up pages!

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