On this episode, Adam will be joined by Robbie Kroger for his second appearance on the show.

Robbie is a man of many talents, and many of you may (and hopefully do) know him as the man behind Blood Origins, a unique, film-based storytelling concept. You can find Robbie’s BTK debut on Episode 66 where he discusses the vision for Blood Origins in depth.

But on this show, Adam and Robbie talk about Robbie’s first real mountain hunt. A public land hunt for aoudad in the mountains of New Mexico that occurred just a few weeks ago.

This adventure was one hell of a learning experience for Robbie, as it was not only his first mountain hunt but also his first sheep hunt. So, on this episode Robbie shares the hard lessons learned and the full story of this hunt. You will not believe the finish to this sheep hunting tale!



Posted by Adam Janke