On this show, we will be talking about marksmanship. As many of you know, a crew from the JOMH traveled down to Oregon to attend the Leupold Optics Academy (LOA) in preparation for the late-season goat hunt the team recently returned from.

Joining Adam on the show will be the two gentlemen that hosted and instructed the team at the LOA facility, Michael Baccellieri and John Warren from Leupold, as well as Nolan Osborne who was the main trigger puller at the LOA course. Nolan’s perspectives on the topics covered in this show will be especially interesting as he was tasked with taking the lessons learned at the LOA and applying them in the field in what turned out to be very challenging hunting and shooting conditions.

Topics covered include the key equipment considerations that inform both rifle and optics decisions, and the skills and abilities required to get the most out of your shooting system.

If you are looking to up your game in marksmanship and precision shooting, this is a must-listen podcast with some of the best instructors in the industry today.





Posted by Adam Janke