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EPISODE 86: Is Hunting Conservation?

March 9, 2018

On this episode, Adam is joined by Mark Hall. At the simplest level Mark is a scientist. He holds a master’s degree in environmental science and is a Professional Agrologist and retired Professional Forester.

Mark is also a passionate hunter and an even more passionate conservationist and it is on that topic specifically that Adam was interested in bringing Mark on the show.

Mark runs his own blog called Hunter Conservationist and writes prolifically about conservation, hunting, social policy, social science and how all these topics weave into what could be called the modern conservation landscape.

Mark is not shy about his opinions. He is critical and outspoken about certain aspects of the hunting industry, and in some cases, has ruffled some feathers with what he’s said or written. But what makes Mark’s writings so important is that they are factually and experientially backed perspectives on the critical matters that impact the conservation space. In today’s sociocultural landscape, we need more people to write and think like Mark.

We hope you enjoy this thoughtful and enlightening conversation with Mark Hall!


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