On this episode, Adam is joined by Alex Viada. Alex is the founder and head coach at Complete Human Performance and the author of a book called THE HYBRID ATHLETE.

That book and the concepts proposed within that book are some of the most applicable to the mountain or backcountry hunting community we have yet to come across. So, in this podcast Alex, and Adam, dive into the concepts within the Hybrid Athlete framework and dispel many of the myths that surround the concurrent (as in at the same time) utilization of strength and endurance training to achieve a desired outcome in any outdoors pursuit.

Regardless of how serious you take your mountain or backcountry hunting preparation in the physical sense, this is worth the listen. Alex gets to the core of what it takes to adequately prepare for extended backcountry hunts, and most importantly, maintain performance, durability and longevity, over a hunt, a hunting season and a lifetime of chasing mountain game.

Adam also gets Alex’s thoughts on nutrition and hydration, another area where Alex is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. He shares some insights on hydration that you won’t want to miss, so you’ll want to hang on for that bit that comes at the end of the podcast.

We did deal with a bit of a connection issue at times, it’s sporadic and doesn’t last long when it does come up, but if you do get annoyed just bear down through those parts, as it will be well worth the mild annoyance given Alex’s expertise. Enjoy!

Web: www.completehumanperformance.com

Instagram: @alex.viada & @completehumanperformance


Posted by Adam Janke