On this episode, Adam is joined by Chris Barker. Chris appeared on the podcast previously when we did our swap-cast with the Rookie Hunter guys, but he is back to discuss the auspicious news out of BC this week—the outright ban on all grizzly hunting province-wide effective immediately.

Until Monday’s announcement the grizzly hunt was to continue to be permitted in most areas, albeit with some significant alterations to the regulations, but the recently elected provincial government went back on their word and pushed this decision through, to the surprise of everyone in the hunting and conservation community. This decision went against numerous expert and scientific recommendations that supported the unquestionable sustainability of a continued grizzly hunt.

Instead, the government, in an authoritarian move, decided to place a higher value on emotion and manipulated statistics, than science and true conservation. This decision was steered by a dedicated and highly sophisticated propaganda campaign mounted by numerous anti-hunting organizations designed to incite emotional and moral opposition from the uninformed non-hunting public.

So, despite the fact this topic has been covered on the show in the past, the landscape has changed drastically. Adam and Chris are going to discuss what lies beyond this auspicious decision. Where do we go from here? What is the way forward? How do we make lemonade out of lemons?

Chris has been an avid hunter and committed conservationist for decades and his thoughts, perspectives and insights on this whole subject are sure to be informative and enlightening.

Wild Sheep Society of BC


Posted by Adam Janke