On this episode Adam is joined by Brian Mackenzie. If you have any experience with CrossFit, you’ll likely be familiar with Brian’s work as the founder of CrossFit Endurance.

But Brian’s influence is far from limited to the fire breathing CrossFit community and since moving on to start Power Speed Endurance (PSE) it’s obvious he’s just getting started. His latest area of emphasis has immense potential for our community and focuses on a topic rarely, if ever, discussed in the hunting world. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss.

As a human movement and performance expert Brian’s true specialty lies in finding unconventional, and often disruptive, solutions to impediments to achieving maximum potential, whatever your goal may be. As someone that has never been shy to tell it likes he sees it, Brian has made a name as a thought provoking and outspoken expert in the training and performance world.

This episode however is about so much more than training and you will not want to miss the second half of the discussion that dives into a topic that could literally change how you handle yourself in the backcountry.

Instagram: @iamunscared
Web: www.powerspeedendurance.com


Posted by Chris Pelle