Front. squat @20X1, 5-5-5-5-5-5
*Starting with a light weight, build over the course of 6 sets, working to 1-2 tough sets of 5 for the day
*If you struggle with the front squat, as many do, try using the “genie grip” or gripping straps attached to the barbell.

Post weight to comments.

4 sets:
8 right-leg dumbbell step-back lunge, into
8 right-arm dumbbell push press, 30-seconds rest
8 left-leg dumbbell step-back lunge, into
8 left-arm dumbbell step-back lunge, 30-seconds rest

3 sets:
15 reps per arm, single-arm ring or body row, no rest
25 kettlebell swings, 60-seconds rest

4 sets, 40-seconds on, 20-seconds off:
Weighted bear with alternating shoulder taps

Posted by Adam Janke

Challenge Accepted

Motivate your friends and the hunting community at large. Share alternate or complimentary workouts. Post your sets in the comments and let us know how you feel pre/post workout.