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Backcountry Bootfitter: Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review

Over the coming months, I’ll be testing and reviewing a variety of footwear options across a variety of uses and terrain under the heading “Backcountry Bootfitter” so if you’re interested in any and all things

Rookie Ram, By Kyle Steed

The summer of 2009 my uncle Dan, my two good buddies Mark and Todd and I decided we needed to give mountain hunting a try. None of us had previously hunted the mountains so we

The Unforgettable Tuchodi, By Eli Hall

When my great-grandfather was on his deathbed at 96 years old, his eyes were closed and, with his hands, he quietly acted out the motions of fly fishing and smoking. He was no longer confined

A Jihad By Any Other Name, Op-Ed By Adam Janke, Editor In Chief

It’s bear season here in BC and with it comes the perennial anti-bear hunting rhetoric and misinformation spewed forth by the self-deluding “conservation” movement. In the news, on the radio, and on their respective websites

An Interview with Brad Christian, Brand & Content Manager of Mathews Archery

www.mathewsinc.com There are some companies that need no introduction, and unless you’ve never even looked at a bow in your life Mathews is one of those companies. In an age of apps, smartphones, and constant

In The Land Of The Red Goat – Chapter Six: Bear Stories

www.creekstonepress.com When I returned from fish guiding at Kitchener Lake to base camp at Cold Fish at the beginning of August, I found a film crew set up on an embankment near the horse corrals.

The Fountain Of Youth

In last month’s Training With Purpose article we outlined the importance of weighing your goals and objectives against the realities of time and actual enjoyment. This purpose should drive all decisions in regards to the

Got Fat?

The human brain functions exclusively on glucose (sugar) and this is what fuels (pun intended) the misconception that sugar is one of the best energy boosting nutrients. When you need energy quickly a fast digesting,

A Tag Unfilled – An Expedition Unspoiled, By Bryan Judge

Before the hunt even began I “knew” how it was going to end. Harvesting a Dall sheep in three days, tops. Relaxing by a fire, salivating over fresh sheep chops that dripped fat onto sunset

King Of The Crags, By James Dorrett

JAMES’ BC BILLY OFFICIALLY TIED FOR 2ND ALL TIME POPE AND YOUNG Shards of ice began to rain from above, followed by thunder. Within seconds my heart sank as I watched rocks tumble downward across