This is a workout I stole from my gym CrossFit Vernon this week. I hit 180lbs on the strict press at a tempo of 22X1, 215lbs on the barbell row, and used 30lbs additional load for the pull-ups, 25lb dumbbells for the curls. Needless to say, you’ll probably need some bigger sleeves after doing this workout.

2 rounds, for quality:
10 cat and cow stretches
10 scap circles on all-fours
10 push-ups to downward dog

Strict press, build to a heavy set of 5 reps for the day
Rest as needed between sets

5 sets, heavy across:
4-6 reps barbell bent over row
90-seconds rest between set

Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes:
Minute 1: 5 strict pull-ups
Minute 2: 10 dumbbell biceps curls
Minute 3: 40-seconds reverse plank hold
*In this workout you’ll complete a total of 5 rounds of each of the 3 exercises. Beginning at the top of the minute, perform the prescribed reps for that exercise and then rest until the end of the minute. At the top of the next minute, you’ll perform the next exercise and then rest again until the end of that minute.

Posted by Adam Janke

Challenge Accepted

Motivate your friends and the hunting community at large. Share alternate or complimentary workouts. Post your sets in the comments and let us know how you feel pre/post workout.