Front squats are on the menu today. Keeping a relatively high intensity is still very valuable in this block of training, so let yourself get after it a bit. Keep it strong and steady on the walking lunges, and then feel the burn in a short AMRAP finisher.

3 sets, for quality:
10 reps per side, T-hip rotation,
20 reps per side, single-leg calf raise
20 reps, tibialis raise
30-seconds per side, Copenhagen plank
60-seconds bench T-spine mobility/opener

Front squat 5-5-5-3-3-3
*Build to one or two heavy sets of 3 reps for the day

*Post load to comments

4 sets, alternating sides every set:
20 steps, single-arm kettlebell front rack walking lunges
60-seconds rest between sets

As many rounds and reps as possible in 5-minutes:
5 pull-ups
5 push-ups

Posted by Adam Janke

Challenge Accepted

Motivate your friends and the hunting community at large. Share alternate or complimentary workouts. Post your sets in the comments and let us know how you feel pre/post workout.