Today we’re continuing to build on our running fitness. If you don’t have the ability to run then perform this workout on a stationary bike or rowing erg.

5-10 minutes walk
7 sets:
2 minutes easy jog
60s walk
5-10 minutes walk

Posted by Adam Janke

Challenge Accepted

Motivate your friends and the hunting community at large. Share alternate or complimentary workouts. Post your sets in the comments and let us know how you feel pre/post workout.

  1. So – just caught back up on my JoH podcasts thanks to a phone crash…………

    Big fan of Quick and Dirty. Been catching up with your series on Periodization and workouts and found these workouts thanks to the Podcast. A possible Captain Obvious question: Given in Block 1 there were 5 workouts listed and a rest day – do I assume each workout is done 1 per week, and there is 2 days per week as “Rest”?

    Thanks and please keep the Quick and Dirty segments. They are very useful.

  2. Also, thinking about your series here, is it possible to do a podcast on periodization and workouts for older guys. I’m 58, have been working out my entire adult life, and stay in good shape year around. I can say without doubt its harder to stay injury free every year and injuries take longer to recover. Wardo’s series on various injuries and rehabs was excellent in this respect.

    A segment on rucking through the year would be good as well. I see alot of guys go from zero rucking to throwing 50-60lbs in a pack and hiking 2-3-4 miles. I got away with this when I was younger but not so much any more…..

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