How Your Body Uses Food for Thermoregulation, By Joshua English EMT-P

Regulation of body temperature in the winter months can be challenging. Add in factors experienced on a mountain hunt, and thermoregulation can be particularly challenging. Long hours of glassing on a mountainside can easily lead

Caping 101, by Ray Wiens For those of us fortunate enough to live and hunt in the Western portions of Canada and the United States we are afforded many amazing hunting opportunities. My home province of British Columbia, especially,

Are You Ready?

There are few hunters who haven’t dreamed of one day traveling to a distant land in search of mountain game.  From the rugged and wet mountains of British Columbia to the high alpine of the

So You Wanna Hunt Sheep? By Dustin Roe

Sheep hunting is without question one of the most physically and mentally demanding hunting experiences available to the mountain hunter.  Whether we’re talking the snow white Dall’s of the Northwest, the ghostly Stone’s of BC and the Southern Yukon, or the heavy tipped Bighorns found North to South a mountain sheep hunt will test the skills, endurance and mental fortitude of even the most seasoned hunter.