Mistakes & Lessons Learned Mountain Hunting – Part 1,By Luke Ramousch

It was a late June night, and I was twisting and turning in bed; trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep seemed to be something that wasn’t about to happen. At least I didn’t

Lock and Reload Part 1 – A Start-Up Guide to Reloading, By Darin Cooper

I’ll be the first to admit that getting started in reloading can seem daunting if you’ve never done it or been around it. Try not be discouraged if you haven’t got the full grasp on

Stone Sheep the Hard Way – Tips on Hunting Low Density Sheep Areas, By Jared Christon

The passion that leads many of us to the most beautiful and remote places in BC and the Yukon is Stone sheep hunting. It takes us miles off the beaten track, far from the nearest

Putting in the Work, By James Dorrett

All Photos Credit Steven Drake & Annuli Collective How bad do you want it? It’s time to get down and dirty, and not rely on the horseshoes crammed up your ass. Spring is upon us,

Practice Like You Play

If you grew up playing sports like me – in my case it was hockey – I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before: practice like you play. I believe it applies to bowhunting just as

North Slope AK Caribou DIY Tips By Ryan Clairmont

Alaska holds an abundance of opportunity for the big game hunter. It’s a state many hunters dream of hunting at least once in their lifetimes. But where does a person even start? Alaska is such

How far is too far? Part 3 By Tom Bulloch of Nightforce Optics

We arrive at the answer. And more questions… In the first two installments of “How far is too far,” we’ve taken a rambling, roundabout journey in an attempt to answer the question posed by my

A Dose of Motivation – The Path to Elk Hunting Success By Corey Jacobsen (

I love the month of December. It’s a time when I am finally slowing down and catching up after most of the fall hunting seasons are ending, and I’m able to spend more quality time

Avalanche Assessment & Mountain Hunting By Benjamin Reynolds

This article will cover the specifics of avalanche assessment for the mountain hunter. Whether the hunter is in pursuit of late season sheep or mid-winter goats in British Columbia, they will be faced with a

Cooking Your Kill By Connor Gabbot of Cedar & Sagebrush

All Photos Credit Cedar & Sagebrush It’s day eight of your ten-day backpack hunt. You have been living out of your backpack, eating freeze-dried meals the entire trip. Every night you camp in a new spot,