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The Hunter’s Guide to Crampons & Universal Traction Devices, By Adam Janke

Mountain hunting requires that the hunter, and his or her gear, can handle a wide mix of terrain and weather conditions. From the early season to the depths of winter, we must be prepared to survive—and adapt—to everything from layer peeling heat and constant sun exposure, to frigid glassing sessions in subzero temperatures with nothing more than a stunted alpine fir for a windbreak.

Mountain Hunt Preparation, By Joseph Peter

It goes without saying that a little goes a long way when it comes to preparing for a hunt, especially a mountain hunt where your gear and fitness can have a significant impact on your

Mountain Goat Gender ID & Field Judging

For most species, field judging both gender and maturity is reasonably straightforward. Bucks and does, cows and bulls and ewes and rams are seldom confused, even by the newest of hunters. When it comes to

Field Judging Grizzlies, By James Dorrett

There is no question that bears are one of the harder species to judge in the field. With most horned or antlered animals, you know when you’re a looking at a mature representative of the

The Dynamic Re-Warming Drill

Feature Image Credit: Steven Drake As mountain hunters, we are conditioned to brave the elements. This is precisely why our apparel systems receive so much attention. If we put aside the endless debates and divisions

40 Years of Stalking Black Bears in the Backcountry, By George A. Bettas

Editors Note: We’d like to thank Schnee’s for allowing us to re-publish this fantastic piece from George A. Bettas that originally appeared in The Montana Sporting Journal.     I began hunting black bear in

Traditional Archery 101, By Ian Feir

There has never been a better time to take up traditional archery. Simply stated, the online resources available to the new single-string archer are vast and bordering on limitless; however, as with all things on

Stone Sheep the Hard Way – Tips on Hunting Low Density Sheep Areas, By Jared Christon

The passion that leads many of us to the most beautiful and remote places in BC and the Yukon is Stone sheep hunting. It takes us miles off the beaten track, far from the nearest

The Forgotten Half: Part 2 By Tony Bynum

Feature Image Photo Credit Connor Gabbott To capture unforgettable images, a great lens is at least as important as the camera. Here in Part 2 of The Forgotten Half, Tony provides his specific recommendations on what

The Forgotten Half: Part 1 By Tony Bynum

To capture unforgettable images, a great lens is at least as important as the camera… Afew years ago, good friend and fellow photographer, Rod Sinclair, and I went to photograph black bears. Rod was driving