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DIY Fruit Leathers, By Heather Kelly

With the snow melting away in the high-country, we’re all gearing up for spring adventures, whether that be hunting, scouting or training. But this also means we need healthy, trail-worthy snacks! In the process of

The Tip of the Spear, By Randy Bauman

In the August 2016 issue of the Journal of Mountain Hunting, editor Adam Janke penned an article entitled A Call to Action. If you read that article, you may recall his opening line, a phrase

Candy Bars Versus Supplements

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank Rob Shaul at Mountain Tactical Institute for allowing us to re-publish this article. The MTI site is a wealth of information on training, nutrition and performance for hunters, mountain

Avalanche Assessment & Mountain Hunting By Benjamin Reynolds

This article will cover the specifics of avalanche assessment for the mountain hunter. Whether the hunter is in pursuit of late season sheep or mid-winter goats in British Columbia, they will be faced with a

The Difference Between Broth, Stock and Bone Broth By Connor Meakin, Founder Pure Bone Broth

Bone broth, broths and stocks all share the same foundation: bones, meat scraps and vegetables simmered in a pot of water. However, differences lie in the preparation, timing, and specific ingredients used. And since variety

Crushing Your Goals In 2017

Here at the JOMH we’re big fans of Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week fame. His books, blog and podcast have taught us more in the past few years than a lifetime’s worth of

Hunting’s Tenth Commandment, By Walt Prothero

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank our friends at the Wild Sheep Foundation for allowing us to re-publish this excellent piece from Walt Prothero’s regular column, Timberline Reflections, found in each issue of Wild Sheep

A Tribute To Alexander David Marsh

 By Ian Feir A gentleman and an ambassador to all we love was taken from us far too early just a few weeks ago. Dave Marsh passed away suddenly due to a severe allergic reaction

The Beyond the Kill Book List

Over the past few months we’ve received countless requests for a list of the books that have been recommended by our guests on the BTK.FM podcast to date. Well you ask we answer! We (finally)

A Call To Action, By JOMH Editor In Chief Adam Janke

Hunting is conservation. These three words are so common in the hunting industry and media today that they could be considered one of the “ten commandments” of North American Wildlife Model scripture. It’s a phrase