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Dr. Ed Ashby Biography

Dr. Ed Ashby invested 27 years in the study of arrow performance and broadhead lethality. Starting in 1981, while working as a PH in Zimbabwe, Dr. Ashby was recruited by the Mkuzi Game Reserve head Game Ranger Tony Tomkinson to assist in a bowhunting research study. At the time bowhunting was not legal in South Africa.

Bowhunting Outside Your Comfort Zone, By Clint Casper

The yips and barks echoed down through the canyon like music to my ears. After six days of trudging up and over the thickest, nastiest country that New Mexico had to offer I was finally

For the Love of the Game, By Clint Casper

As the beads of sweat dripped off my forehead and slowly ran down onto my face, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency and restlessness. Carefully, I had snuck all the way around

Mistakes & Lessons Learned Mountain Hunting – Part 2, By Luke Ramousch

All Photos Credit Talus Creative In this second installment of mistakes and lessons learned while mountain hunting, I am going to cover three more topics that have served to increase both my success, and most

Bow Sights Built for the Backcountry, By Beau Martonik

How important is your bow sight to your hunting capabilities? I am not one of those people that believe better gear makes you a better hunter, but I do believe that your gear needs to

How to Choose Your Performance Apparel System, By Beau Martonik

The performance hunting clothing world has blown up in recent years, allowing hunters to create the ultimate system or systems for their unique needs. We are in an exciting time, but it can be tough

Mistakes & Lessons Learned Mountain Hunting – Part 1,By Luke Ramousch

It was a late June night, and I was twisting and turning in bed; trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep seemed to be something that wasn’t about to happen. At least I didn’t

Tradbow vs Compound – Why Are We Fighting? By Frans Diepstraten

Editors Note: We’d like to thank Frans Diepstraten for allowing us to re-publish this excellent piece. If you’re interested in traditional archery, mountain hunting, fitness and backcountry nutrition then head over to to find

Putting in the Work, By James Dorrett

All Photos Credit Steven Drake & Annuli Collective How bad do you want it? It’s time to get down and dirty, and not rely on the horseshoes crammed up your ass. Spring is upon us,

Practice Like You Play

If you grew up playing sports like me – in my case it was hockey – I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before: practice like you play. I believe it applies to bowhunting just as