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Lock and Reload Part 1 – A Start-Up Guide to Reloading, By Darin Cooper

I’ll be the first to admit that getting started in reloading can seem daunting if you’ve never done it or been around it. Try not be discouraged if you haven’t got the full grasp on

Is 6.5 the New 7?

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank our friends at the Boone & Crockett Club for allowing us to re-publish this excellent piece from Wayne Van Zwoll originally found in the Winter 2016 edition of Fair

Ammunition For Long Range Shooting

Books, countless articles, video series and even classes have been devoted to the subject of long range shooting and the factory or hand loaded ammunition needed to achieve success. Many shooters can’t agree on what

How far is too far? Part 3 By Tom Bulloch of Nightforce Optics

We arrive at the answer. And more questions… In the first two installments of “How far is too far,” we’ve taken a rambling, roundabout journey in an attempt to answer the question posed by my

How Far Is Too Far? Part 2, By Tom Bulloch

Are we closer to an answer? In our first installment of “How Far,” my friend Jerry and I were preparing for a mountain hunt that might entail shooting at substantial distances when he asked me,

The 6.5 Creedmoor

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank Gunwerks for allowing us to re-publish this article. If you’re interested in long range ballistics, shooting and science the Gunwerks site is an invaluable resource. Find more articles like

How Far Is Too Far? A Simple Question With A Complicated Answer- Part One

We gulped the last of our coffee, the only warmth to be had in the pre-dawn blackness, the time when the mountain chill cuts with a knife’s edge. Soon, Jerry and I would each head

To Shoot, or Not to Shoot? Field Shooting Positions and Knowing your Limits, By Caylen Wojcik

The ominous, and almost haunting, realization that it’s the last day of the season hangs over your head, as you make one last hike up to your glassing perch with hopes of catching a glimpse

Knowing the Distance, by Nate Simmons

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank our friends at Western Hunter and Elk Hunter Magazines for allowing us to re-publish this incredibly comprehensive article from Nate Simmons. If you’re a diehard western hunter, WH and

Becoming A Hunting Photographer – 8 Tips to Improve your Field Photography, By Tony Bynum

Over the centuries, our hunting stories have been painted and scribed into rocks, shared around campfires with family and friends, written in journals and magazines, and more recently photographed and shared around the world via