Today’s workout is heavy on single-leg training that will challenge balance and stability as well as dial-up the core requirements.

3 sets, 30-seconds work, 15-seconds rest:
Alternating step-back lunge
Alternating side lunge
Russian baby-makers
Alternating deadbugs

4 sets:
Squat variation (Back squat, front squat, goblet squat) x8 reps @22X1
Rest 90-seconds between sets

*Notes: Use a weight that feels like a 7-8/10 effort for all 5 sets. Be strict on your tempo!

3 sets:
6 reps, Barbell step-back lunge (Right side), no rest
6 reps, Barbell step-back lunge (Left side), Rest 2 minutes

3 sets:
20 reps, Heels elevated narrow stance goblet squats @22X1, no rest
15 reps per side, Bench hip hiker, rest 60-seconds

Posted by Adam Janke

Challenge Accepted

Motivate your friends and the hunting community at large. Share alternate or complimentary workouts. Post your sets in the comments and let us know how you feel pre/post workout.