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Is Target Panic Linked to Diet? Part 2, By Beau Martonik

There are two sides of the camp when it comes to archery training, whether for competition or hunting. On one side, it is believed by some that you must get in as many reps as possible to become proficient and create muscle memory for shooting. The other side of the camp believes in only shooting good shots, every shot. I agree with the concepts of getting in reps to create muscle memory, increasing your success in the moment of truth. I am also aware that bad reps can do more damage than good. So what are “only good” reps, what does that actually mean?

Shoot better! BC & MV by Ron Spomer

Before you come to blows with your buddies over who has the “Best” rifle, you need to understand two acronyms: bee-cee and em-vee, more commonly seen as BC and MV. These stand for Ballistic Coefficient and Muzzle Velocity. They and they alone determine which rifle/cartridge/bullet combination will yield the best trajectory. They also contribute significantly to POWER, more accurately referred to as terminal kinetic energy.

2018 Skeena Region Mountain Goat Capture, By Krystal Dixon

British Columbia is home to over 50% of mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus) that are found globally, with an estimated half of those residing in the Skeena region (MOE 2010). Mountain goats are ranked S3 and are Blue Listed in British Columbia, indicating they are a species of special concern (BC Conservation Data Center 2016), for management. Mountain goats are not only a species that need to be conservatively managed; they are also a symbol of rugged wilderness and have important linkages to First Nations cultures, hunters and non-hunters, in the Province of British Columbia and beyond.

The Hills of New Zealand, By Chad Mathis

I sit idly, and thankfully restful in the Christchurch airport before a long flight home having visited, and hunted, New Zealand for the first time. This trip came together after winning the hunt of a lifetime with Joseph Peter of Hard Yards Hunting, through a subscription contest The Journal of Mountain Hunting held. My good friend, Erik Mitchell, joined me and Joseph gladly accommodated our request to hunt red stag during the roar. We would later learn that the roar is often slightly embellished through dramatic hunt reenactments shown on television, with farm-raised stag playing the part of a wild stag.

Episode 96: Survival of the Fittest with Christian Schauf

 On this show, Adam is joined by Christian Schauf, the founder of Uncharted Supply Co. From his upbringing on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, to hunting the mountains of the West, and a career

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Blood Origins Journey – “Full Circle”

There is a perceived idea in both the hunting and non-hunting mainstream communities of what hunting is, and its this: hunting is about killing. To me, hunting is a journey. That’s what the art should

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Bert’s Cave Tour

Please join us for a special glimpse into the incredibly unique space that is Bert Sorin’s man cave/garage gym. – Centered around his one-of-kind Sorinex rack, this room is the convergence of utility and art.

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Dynamic Rewarming Drill

Do you know how your system performs in a worst-case scenario? In Episode 25 of the Beyond the Kill podcast, Sitka’s John Barklow discusses the concept of “exercising your system” and what he calls the

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Western Hunter – Father Time

Nate’s dad, Dennis, hunts for big public-land bulls during Arizona’s late rifle season.

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What is a Wilderness Athlete?

A complex personality whose soul is fed by the mental and physical challenges that occur in solitude. Pulled by a spirit of rugged individualism, self-reliance and unknowns that, without notice, can turn you into a